What are the main advantages of federal resume writing services?

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Applying for a job with the Federal government is quite different from applying for a private sector vacancy. A federal resume and cover letter are the essential documents required by the US government. First and the most important step is creating a federal resume. This article provides the most basic general overview of the best federal resume writing services of the USA.

Why should your resume be written by a professional?

  1. Impressive writing skills. Not everyone is eloquent enough or experienced in writing quite common, the simplest documents such as an essay, summary or article. But even professional writers work in one particular area, and this suggests that their writing skills also improve in only one particular field.

  1. Restricted structure. A resume is an official document with a clear template, not an essay on a free composition. Any liberties in style, design, grammatical errors are unacceptable. Even a person who has sufficient text-work related experience can make a mistake in choosing the style or using some figures of speech.
  2. Special formatting. A resume is not just an autobiography, but a document that assumes a special format and structure. In addition, a resume is intended to be read and understandable not only by a person but also by a special program algorithm. Which greatly complicates the process of its creation and makes the chance of its creating by oneself almost impossible.
  3. System barrier. Most modern companies, including the federal and private sector ones, implement a special system for automatic selection of resumes. This system is called the ATS system and its main task is to simplify the work of the recruiter. Thus, a resume must contain certain keywords. But they must be located in the right way, have the required number of occurrences, have a certain grammatical form, density in the structure of the document. But at the same time, a resume should not be spammed, the style of the document should not suffer.
  1. The human factor. The human factor is also an integral part of the employment process. Even if you were able to pass the called the ATS filtering and the system liked your resume, this does not mean that the recruiter will like it the same way. He may have his own vision of a job specification and personal requirements for the candidate. A professional resume writer has considerable experience and is able to expertly evaluate what kind of requests the recruiter has specifically for this particular vacancy.
  2. The objective view. Another important point is objectivity. It is difficult to be objective in describing yourself, and here we have two possible options. If you are a shy person, you will not be able to describe your experience on your own, and if you are an overly confident person, you can ascribe yourself extra merit. Both options are not acceptable for applying in a resume.

Do not forget about the main thing, a resume is your business card, your portfolio and your main guarantor at the same time.

In case you feel confident enough and have some writing skills, you can try to make a resume yourself. In its article, Wikipedia offers information on the structure of a federal resume: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Resume_(United_States).  You can use it to write a resume yourself, and then contact the professionals. Some resume writing services offer a free resume review.

Whatever method you choose, remember that a resume writing process is a very responsible and important step in your career. Therefore, consider writing a resume in the most responsible and balanced way.

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