How to Make the Perfect Cover Letter?

What is the meaning of the cover letter?

A cover letter is, in fact, the only way to attract the attention of an employer when there are many applicants for a vacancy, and there is simply not enough time and effort to hold an interview with everyone. Of course, length of service, professional skills and achievements are important, but in many areas there are many good specialists today, and only one is necessary to choose from them. Therefore, we should not miss the opportunity to earn extra chances to win and get an invitation to an interview.

1. Choose the correct intonation, focusing on the description of the posted job. If the text uses colloquial expressions or even emodzhi – which is often found today – then writing a cover letter in a similar way would be more appropriate than composing it in a strict business style. And vice versa, if the company is engaged in big business, and the position is not directly related to the creative activity, the letter should in no way allow any familiarity to be allowed.

2. Make a compliment to the company. Everybody loves praise – it is a fact. So in the cover letter do not miss the opportunity to highlight the strengths and achievements of the professional team, of which you plan to become a part. In this way, you will not only make the pleasant possible for future colleagues, but, most importantly, demonstrate that you sent the letter not by “fan mail”. In addition, this approach will immediately allow you to form an idea about you as a solid and responsible person.
3. Briefly tell about your achievements. You shouldn’t remember that in the 9th grade you were awarded a special diploma for academic success, but briefly mention the brands and companies with which you have successfully collaborated, and also mention notable and successful projects with your participation definitely worth it.
4. Identify people who can give you advice. Finally, if there is such an opportunity and you know for sure that your former boss is listed among experts in a particular field where you are looking for a job, you should mention at the end of the letter that you can provide professional advice. This seemingly obvious action, many applicants forget, but in vain.
 5. It is also important to remember that the letter should be concise and consist of no more than 2-3 short paragraphs (or 7-8 sentences). Various surveys of HR specialists show that no one even reads the lengthy cover letters to the end, and their authors are rarely called for an interview. Separately, we note that if your resume does not contain a photo, you should attach it to the letter – the visualized message is always much better perceived by the addressee than the impersonal text.

How to make the perfect cover letter? 
What do not need to talk in the letter?

 1. Do not brag. Of course, an employer needs to be liked, and excellent professional skills are very important, but you should not say in a covering letter that you are “the best specialist”. First, you will be able to demonstrate this quality during the execution of the test task (if it exists), and secondly, it will immediately raise doubts in the soul of an HR specialist: if he is the best and so sure of it, then how is it can a compromise be reached on controversial issues?
 2. Try to avoid common phrases, expressions and “water.” It’s wonderful that you are “responsible, smart, and stress-resistant,” but the cover letter doesn’t paint such blurry expressions. First of all, it is necessary to write concrete facts and mention real achievements, and not to describe what a good person you are.
 3. Do not specify the reasons for leaving a previous job. Many people feel the need for a cover letter to tell why they have worked for a long time — or so little — at a previous firm. This is not quite the right decision: it is better to avoid discussing this topic. If the employer needs it, he himself will ask about what happened, and if not, then why does he need extra information about you? It can only cause additional doubts in your candidacy, and nothing more.

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