Tips for recruiters not written in books

What needs to be done by the recruitment manager to achieve the maximum effect from his activities, breaking the hiring process into several stages.

“Cadres decide everything” – this is precisely and concisely the importance of human resources for the success of the company and society as a whole.

A properly selected employee at the right workplace is a real success for the employer.

And so that this success was not a matter of chance, but a healthy regularity, the employees responsible for the selection of personnel need to professionally work out each stage of the hiring until the end of the probationary period of a new employee.

The main task of the recruiter here was and remains a quality selection of personnel in the shortest possible time. Moreover, the more professional the recruiter’s work at each of the selection stages, the faster the vacancy closes.

Consider what the selection manager needs to do to achieve the maximum effect from his activities, breaking the hiring process into several stages.

Job posting

The task is to get the response of the right job seekers. What to do? Write an attractive job description. The site has many boring and impersonal vacancies. It is very difficult for the applicant to choose one that suits them, or at least understand what the difference is between them.

Breathe the soul into your vacancy, make it alive. First, introduce yourself, tell us who you are as a company, and what you do, what makes you different from others.

Then proceed to the main description. Provide clear information about what the candidate will do, do not limit yourself to general phrases, but do not go into too much detail.

Add zest to your work environment. It is good to use the company’s EVP, that is, its value proposition for employees. Ask successful colleagues what they like about the company and the job they do. Analyze your target audience. Pay attention to the questions of the candidates that they are most worried about or what they lacked at their previous job to achieve success. For different groups of employees, you will get different accents in the description of both the company itself and the advantages of working in it, and, possibly, different channels for publishing vacancies (work sites, newspapers, announcements at bus stops, etc.).

For example, a sales manager focused on making money on his own, and not on getting a salary, it will be important to have a real opportunity to earn money in your company. This can be provided by several factors. Find them in the company. For example, a light product, that is, the presence of its properties that will allow it to be sold quickly (price, quality, demand, uniqueness and much more); image of the company (honesty with customers, lack of malfunctioning programs and delivery of goods); loyal, flexible management for both customers and employees, and so on.

Remember that a vacancy is not the ultimate truth. A vacancy can and should be changed periodically, and analyze the response received in search of its most profitable presentation. And if “not those” respond to you, then the description is “not that”.

The ideal situation is when you are not engaged in resizing, but simply select the responding applicants and close the vacancy with the best of them. In such circumstances, the HR manager has time for professional development and growth in other HR areas.

Staff search

If you are collecting feedback on vacancies or studying resume databases, no one forbids you to contact those who may be familiar with the job seekers you are looking for. This may be former or current employees of those enterprises that are of interest to you, or specialists for whom a job search is currently not relevant. Feel free to write to those who can tell your friends and acquaintances about your vacancy or tell you the contact details of someone who might be of interest.

Be grateful to those who post the names, phone numbers and addresses of their employees on corporate sites. Calling and writing to “open” addresses is not worth it, but no one bothers to find the personal data of potential applicants in other sources.

Try to ask Google for help – the email addresses, names, phrases of the resume and company names entered in the search box sometimes give the most unexpected results that may be useful to you in your search.

Having received useful information from one source, do not stop there. If you received an interesting resume on, it is worth looking for information about the applicant in social networks. Perhaps you will find a lot of interesting things in his contacts.

Feel free to ask your colleagues for help. It can be easy for colleagues to find in the database data from a resume that interests you or, using a simple legend, to get the contacts you need.

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